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  1. Dan Nagel 3 years ago

    Hi Laura,
    I’ve been a fan for a while, I first saw your “soundeo” video over a year ago. I looked into hiring you for a shoot and found that you where in Venezuela. I am located in Capitola California. I was wondering? Do you speak any English? Thanks for posting, You have a great look, I am a huge fan.

  2. Prince_jumera 3 years ago

    Que hermosa resa y 🍑 numero 1 🤣😂

  3. Prince_jumera 3 years ago

    Que hermosa y 🍑 numero 1 🤣😂

  4. Prince_jumera 3 years ago

    Que lindaa y 🍑 numero 1 🤣😂

  5. jtsyj 7 months ago

    you are the most beautiful woman in the world

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